Unboxing Video Terms and Conditions
Make an unboxing Video of PROTEINS ARENA Brand’s products to avail Rs350/- Coupon Code

Be a part of PROTEINS ARENA family by sharing the ‘Unboxing Video’ of PROTEINS ARENA Brand’s products on Social Media saying that “PROTEINS ARENA Delivered Authentic Product” and avail 300/- 'PA' code.

These are the following terms in order to avail this benefit.
1. Unboxing video duration should be at least 2 minutes (120 sec), Instagram video can be of 1-minute (60 sec) duration.
2. It should be proper unboxing video starting with sealed box following up with seal opening process.
3. The product/item should be clearly seen while shooting the unboxing video.
4. The video should be posted on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. (any two platforms)
5. It is mandatory to Tag on social accounts(Instagram:proteins_arena, Facebook:Proteins Arena) or Mention us in the description/caption.
6. Email at proteinsarena@gmail.com, send the video link, order details or the invoice screenshot.
7. If posting on Instagram, then it should be a proper regular post on your account (posting story is a plus).
8. The post should be posted publicly and should not be removed till 90 days.
9. Minimum purchase value should be Rs.5000/- to redeem the PA code when using for next purchase.
Please Note – It will be a personalized coupon code specially crafted for you, you can redeem that coupon code anytime for your next purchase (1 code per purchase) with us and enjoy the discount.

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