Absolute Nutrition Whey Nitrox (Chocolate, 2kg)

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BrandAbsolute Nutrition

100% Whey Nitrox in chocolate flavour by Absolute Nutrition for muscle wellness

· Internationally sourced Whey Protein concentrate.

· 24g protein in one serving.

· L-arginine & BCAA

· Digestive enzymes – Pepsin and Papain

· Dope Free

· Zero Sugar

Absolute Nutrition - Whey Nitrox protein powder in chocolate flavour is an internationally sourced whey protein concentrate, available in 1kg & 2kg packs.With no added sugar, and high dietary fiber Nitrox Whey Protein powder is a recommended sports nutrition supplement. Combined with digestive enzymes – Pepsin and Papain, it is the best Whey Nitrox supplement which boosts the energy and recovers muscle instantly. The exclusive range of Whey Nitrox health supplement contains 24g protein in a single serving.

Directions to use:

Take 1 scoop (40g) with 280 ml water or skimmed milk as recommended by the dietician.