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Absolute Nutrition Pre-workout Wolverine (Orange, 400gms)

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BrandAbsolute Nutrition

100% Pre Workout Wolverine 400gms by Absolute Nutrition for boosting energy.

• Explosive energy booster

• 6000mg Beta Alanine

• L-arginine, L-citrulline

• Betaine & Creatine

• L-tyrosine energy drink

• 100% Dope Free

Absolute Nutrition - Pre Workout Wolverine 400gms is the best health supplement for pre, intra and post workout. It is an instant energy booster and muscle recovery supplement for men and women. Contains L-Citrulline Malate, Betaine; 6000 mg beta alanine that offers natural vitamins, and fuels energy instantly. It is the best Pre Workout caffeine drink for growth and wellness of athletes. The rich L-tyrosine supplement is an instant energy drink suitable for all types of fitness exercises and gym workouts.

Directions to use:

Take 4g approx. (1 leveled scoop ) in 400 ml of water or juice, otherwise use as recommended by dietician/ licensed nutritionist/as advised by trainer.